Sounder by William Armstrong
Lesson plans and teaching resources

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Sounder E-Notes Lesson Plan
Chapter summaries, character analysis, discussion topics, ideas for writing, more.

"I Have to Change!" The Role of the Adolescent in the Family
Scroll down to find 5 questions for discussing the novel. The larger unit involves 4 novels with a common theme.

Reading, Writing, and Sounder
Students will read Sounder and record reactions to each chapter of the novel in a journal. Students will work in a group to create questions which require critical thinking and literary analysis for one chapter of the novel. Students will lead a discussion of a selected chapter using prepared questions and notes. Students will define vocabulary words and complete an online activity using them. Students will participate in a video conference with a collaborating class. Students will write a letter to the editor defending an opinion of a literary character.

Sounder, William Armstrong
Extensive support materials, including author biography, vocabulary, graphic organizers, writing activities, and assessments. Access to this 40-page document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application.

Reading comprehension questions and answers. Access to this document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application.

Sounder. Adobe Reader required for these resources.

Sounder Lesson Plan
Summary, prereading activity that focuses on setting, a follow-up activity that asks students to analyze the impact of the historical context using primary sources and a graphic organizer. A second postreading activity asks students to create a visual representation of the farm. Free Trial offer

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