Elizabeth Bishop
Lesson plans and teaching resources

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Biography and Background

Elizabeth Bishop
Biography and criticism from the Internet Public Library.

Elizabeth Bishop
Criticism of "The Fish" and other poems.

Poems and Lesson Plans

The Classroom Zoo
Students experiment with the use of factual information as a tool that a poet can use to communicate a message, idea, or thought. The students create a "classroom zoo," each choosing an animal and researching facts about that animal to include in their poem.

Elizabeth Bishop
Biography and links to 11 poems.

Elizabeth Bishop
A brief biography and text of "The Fish."

"The Fish"
Thorough lesson plan with text of the poem and discussion questions.

"In the Waiting Room"
Text of the poem.

On "In the Waiting Room"
Critical commentary, analysis.

"The Moose"
Text of the poem and critical commentary.

Vocabulary for "Sestina"
13 words presented in context and with definitions. Click on a word for pronunciation, synonyms, more.

"Was it in His Hand?"
Text of the story. Follow links to PDF or Google Docs format.

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