Sandra Cisneros
Lesson plans for The House on Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street E-Notes Lesson Plans
Introductory lecture, chapter-by-chapter lessons with vocabulary and study questions, essay questions, and assessments. Also available: puzzle pack, response journal, activity pack more.

Concern for Community
Students will discuss the types of social injustice presented in the vignettes that include, "The House on Mango Street," "Those Who Donít," "There Was an Old Woman She Had so Many Children She Didnít Know What to Do," and "Bums in the Attic." They will discuss ways in which they could help combat such injustices in their local community. Students will divide into groups to discover the various community-service projects available in their area. They will use this information to create a class Web site that highlights the available community resources. Students will design and create flyers to post in the community advertising the Web page. This extensive unit plan includes handouts and is designed for 8th grade.

Prereading and timeline activities to support the story. Click on the link at the top; access requires a word processor. This lesson was designed for English Language Learners.

The House on Mango Street
This study guide is designed to accompany a theatrical production. It includes activities that will work in any classroom. Character analysis, author biography, historical background, and focus on themes of identity, responsibility, and gender. Writing and discussion activities. 28 pages; Adobe Reader required.

The House on Mango Street
Related links, analysis, study guide questions, and assignments.

The House on Mango Street Teacher's Guide
Overview, comprehension and analysis questions.

The House on Mango Street Vignette Writing
Writing prompts drawn from each chapter.

The House on Mango Street vocabulary
Words are presented in context and with definitions. Click on a word for pronunciation, synonyms, examples of use, more.

Prose Poetry
Inspired by the vignettes of Sandra Cisneros, students will write about a familiar thing from their lives. Students will use the style of prose poetry to describe something familiar around their home, school or neighborhood. The final product will appear in prose but will read like poetry as the students use common poetic techniques in their writing.

Sandra Cisneros' The House on Mango Street: Experiencing Poetical Prose
This lesson focuses on the use of figurative and descriptive language. It is designed for international students and can be adapted for others.