The Declaration of Independence
Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

The Declaration of Independence: "An Expression of the American Mind"
The 2 activities in this lesson explore the documents whose ideas influenced the Declaration and summarize the Declaration's main ideas. Includes printable handouts (Adobe Reader required for access.)

The Declaration of Independence: Rewriting the Rough Draft
At this interactive site, students see the rough and final draft versions side by side and are invited to choose the version they think is better. Designed as an introductory activity for grades 4-12.

Declare the Causes: The Declaration of Independence
The 8 activities in this lesson explore the process Jefferson used to write the document and historical influences from other documents.

Thomas Jefferson's Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence
In this lesson students compare and contrast Jefferson's rough draft (included) with the final draft, consider why certain changes might have been made, and envision how the United States might have been different if those changes hadn't been made. Includes printable student handouts; Adobe Reader required for access.

The Top 90 Terms to help you Comprehend the Declaration of Independence
On the "definitions" tab, each word is defined, a link to pronunciation is available, and the word is shown in current use. On the "Notes & Examples" tab, each word is defined and presented as used in the Declaration. On the "Words Only" tab, the list of all 90 words. Free Trial offer

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