Freckle Juice by Judy Blume
Lesson plans and activities

Freckle Face
In this math lesson, students collect data about a partner's face and tally the data from the whole class. They learn the convention for displaying a set of five using tally marks. Then students create a pictograph and pose and answer questions about the data set.

Freckle Juice
Questions for before reading and during reading, craft ideas.

Freckle Juice
Printable comprehension questions and a vocabulary list, 14 pages. Adobe Reader required for access.

Fun with Summarizing
Students learn story mapping as a way of learning to summarize.

What Makes Me Special?
Students will learn to appreciate their own unique qualities as well as those of their classmates. Includes writing a riddle, writing a recipe for freckle juice, and a "Who Am I?" handout. Adobe Reader required for access.

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