Shirley Jackson
Lesson plans for "Charles" and "The Lottery"

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"The Lottery" eNotes Response Journal
Each Response Journal includes a rich variety of writing prompts: some will take students directly into the text, while others will give students an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings and to reflect on their own experiences.

Biography and Background

Shirley Jackson
Biography from Wikipedia.

Shirley Jackson
Biography from the author's official site.


Click on "Charles" to the left to find 7 printable pages of activities for this story. This extensive document contains materials for several other stories, as well. Be careful not the print the entire document unless you want all 116 pages. Adobe Reader required.

Text of the story. Follow links to PDF or Google Docs format.

4 pre-reading activities; 4 post-reading activities, including comprehension questions and a graphic organizer; vocabulary practice, and the text of the story. 16 pages; Adobe Reader required.

"The Lottery"

Click here: these lesson plans are on a separate page.

Other Stories

"The Night We All Had Grippe"
Text of the story, also available in PDF format.

"Trial by Combat"
Text of the story; Adobe Reader required for access. Free Trial offer

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