Julius Lester
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Julius Lester
Brief autobiography.

Black Cowboy, Wild Horses: a true story
Links to a variety of resources for teachers and students.

John Henry, retold by Julius Lester
This Weston Woods downloadable 5-minute video presents the legend of John Henry in a book by Julius Lester. John Henry is a fabled American folk hero, credited for being the greatest steel-driver of his day. In this part of John Henry's tale, John Henry hammers a road with lightening speed, working so fast and so hard that the "air seemed to be dancing" and his work made a rainbow that wrapped around his shoulders. Scroll down for support materials.

Let's Talk about Race
Summary, analysis, and 3 sets of discussion questions.

Othello, a novel by Julius Lester
This discussion guide includes themes as well as questions.

Slave Narratives: Constructing U.S. History Through Analyzing Primary Sources
This lesson is designed for grades 3-5. It includes guiding questions, learning objectives, preparation, 6 lesson activities, and related sites.

To Be a Slave Reading Journal
Four questions for readers to respond to as they read.

Why Monkeys Live in Trees
Links to a variety of resources for teachers and students.