Barbara Kingsolver: The Bean Trees and The Poisonwood Bible
Lesson plans and other teaching materials

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The Bean Trees Teaching Unit
A thorough unit plan, including activities, quizzes, and tests.

Biography and Background

Barbara Kingsolver
Author biography.

Interview with Barbara Kingsolver
In this 2004 interview, Kingsolver discusses how her science background influences her writing. It is related to Small Wonder. This downloadable video clip is 3:41 long.

Quotations from Barbara Kingsolver
A collection of quotations.

The Bean Trees

The Bean Trees: Changing Lives Through Literature
Scroll down to find several sets of questions for writing or discussion.

The Bean Trees: Planning an Essay
Students are given 3 writing prompts and are guided through the steps to craft a response.

The Bean Trees: Prereading Activity
Students answer questions based on the book's cover and consider issues related to adoption.

Study Guide for The Bean Trees
Analysis and 17 writing or discussion questions.

Texas Canyon
Taylor Greer comments on Texas Canyon as she drives through. What does it look like? Photo and additional information.

The Poisonwood Bible

The Poisonwood Bible
This Bookdrum page includes a review of the novel, discussion of setting, a glossary, a brief author bio, and a plot summary. The "Bookmarks" section is remarkable: allusions from the novel are explained and illustrated. This a wonderful resource to help students understand the complexity of the novel and its historical background. It was produced by high school students and can serve as a model for responding to reading analytically.

New 2/9Stylistic Voice and Questions of Speaking for the Voiceless in The Poisonwood Bible
This unit designed for high school seniors will examine how writers create voice, how voice creates character, and what the writer and the character are trying to convey through his or her choices in diction, syntax, detail, tone, and sensory language. The students will then examine how these stylistic techniques work together to create the larger meaning of the work as a whole, and how Kingsolver uses stylistic voice to raise larger questions about who is able or permitted to speak for themselves in society. Free Trial offer

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