Laura Ingalls Wilder
Lesson plans for Little House on the Prairie

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Little House in the Big Woods Lesson Plan
Summary, analysis, discussion questions, writing topics, more.

Frontier Life Story
This unit plan uses By the Shores of Silver Lake as an introduction to research on pioneer life. Follow the links "Procedures for Teachers" and "Organizers for Students" for this unit plan.

Index of Lesson Activities to Go With the Little House on the Prairie Book Series
Scroll down to find a wealth of suggestions for hands-on activities.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Author Study
The 7 activities at this site span a variety of disciplines.

Little House on the PrairieComprehension questions divided by chapter, practice with cause and effect and with fact and opinion.

Little House Home, novels by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Check the link for activities to accompany reading of the "Little House on the Prairie" series.

Little House in the Big Woods
Scroll down to find vocabulary words and a test for each chapter in the book.

Little House in the Big Woods
These materials are designed to help students study bears and other woodland animals, explore figures of speech, learn vocabulary, learn about Wisconsin, and more.

Pioneer America: Pioneer Living
In this lesson, students will learn about what life was like for early American pioneers. After reading about pioneers in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie, students will conduct independent research on one aspect of pioneer life. They will write a letter to a friend revealing five things they have learned about their assigned topic. This lesson culminates in the creation of tableaux depicting various pioneer scenes.