How do we evaluate Web sites?

Read the information at the three sites below. All three suggest traits that a reliable Web site will contain. As you read these sites, jot down four or five characteristics you believe are most important. If the same trait appears on two Web sites, it's probably important. (Note: as you click on the link, a new browser window will open. When you are finished with the site, close that window. This one will still be here.)

After you make your list, use a word processor to design a rubric for evaluating Web sites. (A rubric is a tool used to determine the quality of something.) Ask your teacher for help if you have trouble switching between the Web browser and word processor.

After you complete your rubric, compare your criteria with the criteria in this model. Make any changes you think might be needed to improve yours. Make sure your name is on your rubric and save it to a diskette.

Check with your teacher about whether to print your rubric now or later. You will need 3 copies for Task 2. If your teacher says you are ready, click on the button for Task 2.

If you can't see a "Task Two" button, click here.