The Way to Rainy Mountain: An Online Treasure Hunt

photo In this activity, you will use the Internet to find information about N. Scott Momaday, the Kiowa people, and writing autobiographies in general. Check the links given with each question to find an answer. You can work on your own or with a partner. Before you hand in your paper, check for these things:
  • Is your name (and your partner's) on your paper?
  • Have you answered in complete sentences?
  • Have you answered all the questions?
Have fun!

Questions about N. Scott Momaday

  • As he was growing up. N. Scott Momaday became familiar with the traditions of at least four Native American groups. List them.
    Check here.
  • What is the greatest award an American group offers writers? What book earned that award for Momaday? What are two surprises about the book that won?
    Check here.
  • Where does Momaday live now?
    Check here.

Questions about the Kiowa People

  • In his introduction, Momaday writes that the Kiowa people were taken to Fort Sill after they surrendered. The Commanche and Apache people were taken there, too. What famous Apache chief's grave is at Fort Sill?
    Check here.
  • Click on the link to see a photograph of Rainy Mountain. Describe it in your own words in one or two sentences. What makes it so special?
    Check here.
  • The Kiowa lived in Oklahoma and what other states?
    Check here.

Questions about Writing an Autobiography

  • There are many reasons a person might write an autobiography. Read the list on this page. Which reason is closest to the reason you might write your autobiography?
    Check here.
  • Do you have to be famous to write your autobiography? Do autobiographies of ordinary people ever sell well?
    Check here.
  • When you write about yourself, you can't include every detail. How do you decide what will be most interesting to your readers?
    Work through the steps here.
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