George Orwell
Lesson plans for 1984, Animal Farm, and other books

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  • 1984 E-Notes Lesson Plan
    Lesson plans and assessments, Puzzle Pack, Teaching Unit, Response Journal, Multiple Perspectives, AP Teaching Unit, Activity Pack, Lesson Plan.
  • Animal Farm E-Notes Lesson Plan
    Lesson plans, response journal, vocabulary, activity pack, puzzle pack, and teaching unit.

Biography, Background, and General Information

Literary Pilgrimages: Exploring the Role of Place in Writers’ Lives and Work
In this lesson, students consider the power of place in their own lives, research the life of a writer and develop travel brochures and annotated maps representing the significance of places in the writer’s life. This lesson uses George Orwell as a model.

Simpler Terms; If It's 'Orwellian,' It's Probably Not
This article from the New York Times discusses language manipulation today.

Two Sides, One Coin
As a result of this activity, students will understand that political beliefs influence language use.


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Animal Farm

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"Politics and the English Language"
Orwell's essay, reformatted for the Web.

"Shooting an Elephant"
An online text of the essay.

"Shooting an Elephant"
This 5-page document includes a graphic organizer and other activities related to "Shooting an Elephant." Requires Adobe Reader or compatible software for access.

"Shooting an Elephant"
Text and very thorough analysis. An excellent resource for students. Free Trial offer

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