H. G. Wells
Lesson plans for The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine

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Biography and Background

H. G. Wells
Biography and links to online texts of novels, nonfiction, and short stories.

H. G. Wells
Biography and related information from Wikipedia.

The Time Machine

The Time Machine
A list of post-reading activities, organized by increasing level of sophistication.

A Time Traveler's Log
Students will read chapter four of The Time Machine, noting both the time travelerís descriptions of the new world of 800,000 ACE, and the conclusions the main character draws as a 19th century man. Students will think of a time-traveling character and setting (time and place) they will send that character. Students will then create a two-paragraph (minimum) description that focuses on a) interesting details of the setting, and b) what conclusions the time traveler makes in this new time. This lesson emphasizes idea development and voice.

War of the Worlds

Study Guide for H. G. Wells: The War of the Worlds
Historical background, chapter guides, and a link to the Orson Welles broadcast.

The War of the Worlds
Students explore the impact of literary adaptation. Lesson plans, adaptations, discussion questions, evaluation, extensions, suggested reading, related links and vocabulary.

The War of the Worlds
Post-reading activities organized by level of sophistication.

War of the Worlds: Anticipation Guide
Questions for writing and/or discussion. Access requires MS-Word or compatible application.

War of the Worlds: Chapters 1-10
Suggestions for responding to reading.

The War of the Worlds
Text of the novel.

War of the Worlds: the Orson Welles broadcast

H. G. Wells and The War of the Worlds
The 1938 Mercury Theatre Broadcast of The War of the Worlds, with background information and an article from The New York Times.

The Myth of the War of the Worlds Panic
A great nonfiction piece to accompany study of Orson Welles' radio broadcast. This article argues that the famous "panic" was a figment of media imagination.

War of the Worlds
This site supports the 2013 PBS presentation about Orson Welles' radio broadcast. Follow links on the right to background information.

Other Writing

The First Men in the Moon
In April 1901, the Evening World (New York, NY) began serializing H.G. Wells' recent novel "The First Men in the Moon." The series ran, chapter by chapter, on the second-to-last page of every issue published between April 18 and May 14. At this link, the Library of Congress has digitized the first installment. Don't miss the artist's rendering of the glass sphere spaceship.

The Invisible Man
Text of the novel.

The Island of Dr. Moreau
Text of the novel.

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